Whether these are animaged GIFs, MPEGS, or Flash files — I have collected these from FREE sites.   Here you will find: wizards, witches, sorcerors, magi, a mage or two or three, demons, spiders, magical horses, dragons of course. mermaids, fairies and other fey, creepy eyes, crystal balls, totems of power, ghosts, grails, cups of blood, and more.  Enjoy!

clipartwizard&globe     sunflowericon     clipartwizard     clipartstarhorse     clipartspider     clipartsorceress     clipartskinnyreddragon     clipartrunningpegasus     clipartrosedragon     clipartmonsterburning     clipartmermaid     clipartlavenderdragon     cliparthorsewind     clipartgrail     clipartghost     clipartfireball     clipartfairymagic     clipartcentaur     clipartball3     clipartball2     clipartball1     clipart_animated-purple-wizard     clipart     clipartfairy     clipartdragonschanging

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